Day 10: Heading home 06/03/2916

Temperature: Max 26oC99

With our final morning waking up at Vester I took in the views around the field station for the last time. In particular the osprey nest which I had been enjoying watching at such a close distance over the past week. After final photo opportunities of the mangroves and the nest we gathered our possessions and clambered back into the vans for the long drive back to Orlando airport.


Osprey on nest at Vester

On the drive we had the last chance for spotting any wildlife we hadn’t come across beforehand. Despite the lack of this we came across large numbers of roadkill on one stretch of road. This included many turkey and black vultures which had likely been attracted to the road by other roadkill.

After that excitement we made our way to the airport and before we knew it were back in the chilly UK.

This had been an incredible trip where I saw more wildlife than I could ever have expected. It gave me the opportunity to witness habitats which were vastly different to those I had seen before.

This could not have been done without the members of staff at Bangor University who organised and lead the trip to who I would like to thank. Thakyou so much!


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